truffinesse genève


Truffinesse is a company specializing in truffle products and slowfood, based in Geneva.


  We offer high quality truffle products as well as all varieties of truffles (White truffle, Melanosporum, Aestivum, Bagnoli, Brumale, Burgundy) throughout the year, depending on the season.

  All culinary enthusiasts will find their happiness in our selection of products, in all its forms: broken, truffle juice, pearls of juice, sauces, sliced ​​truffle, grated, white truffle aroma oil, rice, salt.


 You will now also find products that smell good the south of Italy in our Slow Food section!


 Peeled tomatoes and organic tomato sauces, from the Naples region of the brand “La Fiammante”, combining the pleasure of taste with healthy food.


Organic extra virgin olive oil awarded many times for its exceptional quality as well as various flavored oils. Wild oregano that will sublimate your dish with its intense scent, peperoncino pepper to spice up your dishes and tomatoes dried under the sun of Sicily …


 Our mission is to satisfy all the expectations of our customers.


  If you are a restaurant owner, we invite you to contact us. We will be happy to present our products at an appointment and / or send you our rates for professionals.

We remain at your disposal for any request.


 Aurelia Luongo, Truffinesse